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What is the
Type Indicator?

One incredible assessment...

that's what. 

The MBTI® assessment is a psychometric tool that gives you insight into what makes you you. By developing a clearer sense of self-awareness and awareness of others, you’re able to better frame decisions, reduce miscommunication, and understand personal needs more effectively. And those are good skills to have.

Click the video, below, for an overview.

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What it can do:
  • Measure your personality preferences in the MBTI framework

  • Provide career insight into what jobs you’ll find interesting

  • Help you understand behavior and personality preferences

  • Give you insight into communication habits

  • Help you better understand other people

  • and so, so much more…

What it can't do:
  • Measure or predict job performance

  • Tell you about your aptitude for a job

  • Reveal your perfect companion

  • Predict the future

  • Match you with celebrity personality types

  • Tell companies who they should hire

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